Retirement living in Ecuador's Coastal area.

Ecuador is becoming a desirable location for retirement living as real estate prices are still quite accessible for retirees. There are two main choices for living confortably: The coastal area and the mountains. We specialize in the coastal area of Santa Elena and Guayas provinces and we can work for you as buyer's agent to satisfy your needs.

You may visit our pages on Salinas and the Ecuadorian Blue Coast, and also tourist pages that can be found on the Internet.
Salinas and its surrounding areas are ideal for retirement living as they offer all necessary convenciences, such as top quality medical facilities, shopping centers, food markets, pharmacies and recreation. The transportation system is efficient, making the need for an automobile a convenient option. Guayaquil International Airport is just from one and a half to three hours from the most distant beaches and there are daily flights to the U.S.A. and Europe.

Playas is a smaller city which unfortunately has few comforts. The climate, however, is one of the best in the World, with a very high number of days with sunshine. On the other hand, it is the most popular beach for the general public, so in the "season", the beaches are very crowded. While the sea is beautiful there, it can be treacherous and one has to be a good swimmer.

There is a larger city called Manta, to the North; however, it has a more active life, with industrial and commercial activity. There used to be a United States military base at the Manta airport so, as usually happens, when it was closed, many americans opted to stay on living in Manta.

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A WARNING for those who contact "unofficial" brokers in Ecuador and especially in the Salinas and other coastal areas: Several American  and European expatriates have settled in several beach areas. Some of them, seeing the available opportunities in real estate, have become unofficial real estate brokers or "consultants". Unfortunately, some of them have started unethical practices, like buying worthless properties and reselling them to gullible investors. Some are promoting ghost real estate ventures and some are even advertising on the Internet to attract "customers". Be wary of such operators and work only with Ecuadorian licenced real estate brokers and if possible, with international franchises. You may find the list of official brokers at, the official Web Site of the Association of Real Estate Brokers of Guayas (and Santa Elena) Province.
Beware of Real Estate tours that will, literally take you for a ride. Many of those operators are using the questionable practice of not disclosing that they will show you properties in which they have financial interests, which will be compared to unfavorable alternatives. One of those operators is being sued by one of its former customers who bought what they were pushing but then couldn't get title to the property.
Also beware of private Multiple Listings that are starting to proliferate. Those are merely private listings of properties by private individuals who try to profit from the lack of an official MLS in Ecuador. There are, so far, no official MLS listings in Ecuador.

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